Is A Company More Likely To Succeed If It Has A Woman As CEO?

For years the female sex has been underestimated when it comes to business and any professional field, but in recent times women have shown how wrong the world is to belittle her while she builds empires the same or even more successful than men’s.

In the first years of humanity, all business or business management activities were in charge of men, while women were nothing more than their companion, in charge of giving children and subsequently educating them. It is unfortunate to think that it was not until the twentieth century that women began to have more power and to open up the field in the world of work and entrepreneurship because even science was on the side of men and not on them.

Campaigns supporting female empowerment have been created from the 50s to the present, and it is an honor to see that more and more women wear their good pants every day and show the world that they can start a successful business and that their sex does not It influences this. The truth is that this is no longer a world of men, it is a world of women too, and it is estimated that in the future it will be managed mostly by them, not because it is a whim or some kind of fashion, but because it has demonstrated that the same way of being of the woman positions her as a better leader next to the man.

Of the main characteristics that position them as excellent leaders are the following:

Do not lose focus on your business: Women have a tendency to set a goal and not take their eyes off it until they reach it. While the man is more distracted, they have the natural power to stay focused on what interests them.

They create companies that can consolidate: This point is related to the one above since the stubbornness and insistence that characterizes a woman can be really beneficial when a company is being created, especially because it means that they will not decay when they encounter obstacles.

They do not ask for more than they need: When creating a business, it will be necessary to have enough capital to cover basic expenses during the first months of the company where profit is not being generated. For this, you need to ask for money from banks or request investors; The interesting thing about women is that because they are good administrators, they have a better chance of not spending more than necessary, being able to be more successful in the financial organization. However, and like everything else, this is a trend but not a rule, because just as a large part of women are usually good administrators, there are also cases of exception where they are not, just as there are men who are excellent calculating What should be spent.

They are more modest than men: Due to the discrimination that women have had to endure in history, they tend to be more modest than men. They do not usually boast the achievements, neither the big nor the small ones, and manage silently and calmly without making a big fuss.

They are more realistic: Women often try the land multiple times to make sure that it is not risky to work on it, so they will not build castles over the air; This quality has made women withstand economic crises better.

They know how to manage a team better: Unlike what was believed before, women are leaders by nature, they were born to manage and that empathy and sensitivity that was considered a weakness, in fact, it is a point in their favor when they are entrepreneurs, It allows them to interact better with the members of their work team and understand them, without the need to demonstrate fragility in their position as leaders.

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