4 Tips To Strengthen Your Employer Branding Or Employer Brand Strategy (With Examples)

A good Employer Branding or employer brand is the irrefutable proof that it is not enough to focus all your company’s efforts on nurturing the relationship it has with its customers. Still, it must also nurture the human talent that constitutes it. For this, it is necessary to develop a great Value Proposal for the Employee (PVE), which helps the company in its corporate market positioning strategy, mainly to attract, retain talent, but also to strengthen its brand image against customers, users, and stakeholders, and that is exactly what we will help you to come up with next.

In times where employees are more critical with respect to the companies in which they carry out their work and the candidates are more selective in the face of the offers presented to them, achieving the loyalty of human capital is a challenge for companies and requires dealing with very careful the employer brand or Employer Branding following these tips:

  1. Take advantage of your page on LinkedIn Business to enhance the image of “life in the company.”

We have previously talked to you about how having a LinkedIn page for Business is vital to increase your company’s digital reputation; however, this process consequently gives you the possibility of strengthening Employer Branding.

LinkedIn for Companies allows you to communicate to the world your story as a company without using your voice, as it will be the testimonies of your collaborators, the photographs, videos, and diverse contents that will convey the experience of working in your company.

Keep this in mind: In general, a company’s employees have a higher number of LinkedIn connections than your organization’s followers.

Remember that the expression of the best marketing is one that goes “word of mouth” in the world of HR translates to “The best marketing is one that goes from employee to employee,” even if you do not forget about managers: their image It must be impeccable and will often require special help to project correctly.

  1. Meet and understand the new talent to offer something in return

What are your needs and expectations? What are the values ​​that move you? What do you prefer? What things tend to avoid? They are also evaluating your profile and performance to know if they adapt to your points of attraction. In this sense, the “emotional salary” plays an essential role in an employer brand.

Facilitate “social contributions” such as medical insurance or offer help for their education or that of their children, promote an excellent working environment, create “pet-friendly” areas, flexible hours, distance work options, growth opportunities, professional training, openness of spaces of gamification or zones to make “team-building”, are undoubtedly strategies that will strengthen the employer brand.

Let us emphasize that all this is based on “strategies”: deciding which actions will bring more benefits requires you to think in advance about your objective, the characteristics of your collaborators and the profile of the talent you want to obtain and retain the point of becoming an ally or “ambassador” of brand.”

Surely more than once, you have heard about the employer brand of companies such as Google thanks to its many emotional salary options, ranging from the gym, free meals, and massages to financial support to realize child adoptions.

  1. Define previously the values ​​that will constitute your employer brand or “Employer Branding.”

Values ​​are the main allies of an organization. Getting your employees to identify with your business values ​​leaves most of the land gained when we talk under the concepts of employer brand and organizational culture.

Many companies tend to convey certain values ​​because “it is fashionable” and not because they really use them as their “strategic column” to function. That is why companies with stronger work ethics end up with advantages as an employer brand and penetrate better in certain sectors of society.

  1. Handles good internal communication

The employer branding is driven by its intention to recreate an experience, but for this, it first builds a community, providing an environment where connections are easily created with strategic internal communication.

It is essential to carry out actions that promote an internal reference of the values ​​of the company itself through feedback: expressing the merit of the company towards its professional contributions, reinforcing the appreciation towards the effort in its participation and, above all, creating valuable tools and able to strengthen ties individually and then transform them into collective loyalty. Remember: it starts from person to person.

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