3 Things That Self-Taught Entrepreneurs Bother About

Luckily, it is increasingly common to see how new generations seek in the first instance what they are passionate about, a purpose that moves them. With this, new ways of ” earning a living ” emerge, in many cases undertaking and learning on the fly, growing with each step, which does not leave indifferent (even sometimes annoying) those who still have a more traditional culture in the past.

While you can study certain basic careers to undertake, in general, 90% of what you will end up learning you will do on a daily basis, reading books, doing specific courses on a specific subject that you want to master, with mentors (physical or virtual ), investigating, etc.

This is for two fundamental reasons:

When you undertake, you have to learn from too many things, and if you wait to “know everything” to start, you will never start.

In a world where everything progresses and changes very fast, if you want to stand out, you will have to be constantly updating knowledge.

Although being self-taught requires a lot of determination and commitment, there is still a certain social stigma especially with the most traditional people, for whom it is necessary to study at university to achieve true success, but did you know that great magnates of history abandoned their Traditional studies to pursue your dreams? Such is the case of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Henry Ford, and many more. We do not say that studying is wrong, on the contrary. Self-taught studies more than most. Only that the self-taught decides to follow his own path.

  1. Meet old friends, and they don’t understand that you decided to create a venture

This is typical: you find yourself walking down the street, and you meet some old friends that you had not seen for a long time. They approach you and ask you, “Hey! Long-time no see, what is your life? Did you graduate? “To which you respond with a smile because you know the eyes that are going to put you: “Everything very well! I decided to leave my studies in the fifth semester because I realized that I didn’t have wood for a psychologist, but remember that I always liked cooking? I have been entering the gastronomic world, and I see how to open my first restaurant. “

Unfortunately, in some retrograde minds, it is most likely that they have disconnected at the time you said you left school and began to think that you surely did it as lazy. As an entrepreneur you should already be used to this type of reaction, which is strange because only the one who has been on this side knows everything that really works, but come on, it feels very gratifying to know that you stay up late to make it happen your goals and not for fulfilling those of others.

  1. The frustration of not understanding something you are studying on your own

It is not understood how sometimes self-taught is belittled if they should rather be admired because they have to learn things without anyone’s help. When you are at the university, any questions will be answered by the professor specializing in the chair, but when you are learning only by your own means from your home through the Internet or books, having doubts becomes something really desperate.

Search and search on Google and not get an answer or see all the YouTube tutorial videos to see if you can illustrate a little more, but the truth is that you only get frustrated because you understood less than at the beginning … The truth is that the learning process can to become really tired, but when you finally hit the mistake you had, you hit that much desired “Eureka!” or you learn what you were looking for; it really is one of the best feelings you can have.

  1. That associates the fact of being self-taught with being a hippie

Eduardo decided not to study to become a content creator? Well, he was always like that hippie. ” What does it have to do? We have no idea, but it is a recurring thought in some people as if being “hippie ” was something that is linked to a profession. Entrepreneurs are one of the most dedicated people you can meet; they have no schedule because they work little, but because they are working all day, so that immediate association is not only wrong but also strange.

Entrepreneurs are creative people who, unlike someone who goes through life in a van with no fixed direction, are obliged to look day after day for new methods to maintain the interest of the public that receives the content they create because if they stop Be interesting, the business falls, it’s that simple, so really the merit that these professionals have is valuable.

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