HireUp is a platform connecting employers to opportunity youth. Working in tandem with service providers, HireUp identifies talented youth who face barriers but show the competencies and aptitudes to succeed. Youth apply for jobs and are supported by service organizations for up to six months post-employment



HireUp exists to prevent and end youth homelessness through employment



Our story, like many others before us, started with a big idea and a sleepless night.

But first – the back story. Before this significant night, Impakt, a B Corp that helps NGOs and corporations profit from social change based in Toronto, Canada, had been working with The Home Depot Canada Foundation (HDCF) for a number of years to help them focus their social purpose on ending youth homelessness in Canada. In late 2014, Impakt facilitated a symposium for The Home Depot Canada Foundation to explore employment and youth homelessness. Participating in the symposium were employers, youth-serving organization staff, and youth who had experienced homelessness. One of the most shocking things that Impakt learned at the symposium was about the large gap that youth faced when getting out of homelessness and into employment. Impakt came to learn that the youth-serving organizations across Canada struggled with this issue and they often faced barriers when setting up their youth with sustainable employment opportunities.

Impakt decided they could not ignore this issue. After a brain-picking conversation with 360 Kids, a youth-serving organization in York Region, came the sleepless night. In the morning the idea was there – we needed to build a hiring portal for youth who have experienced homelessness. We embarked on creating this and launching it one year from then.

One year later in November 2015, we had created HireUp – the hiring portal for youth who have experienced homelessness. We launched at the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness National Conference with 18 youth-serving organization partners across Canada. The Home Depot Canada Foundation had come on board to support the development of HireUp, and Workopolis had partnered with us to provide their job board technology.

Now in 2017, HireUp has spun out of Impakt and is a sustainable social enterprise. HireUp remains true to it’s original company purpose of preventing and ending youth homelessness through employment. However, we believe the best way of doing so is focusing on the skills and potential of our youth and not on their homelessness. ROI data shows companies who hire opportunity youth see workers who not only have the ability to do an excellent job but also stay with the company longer than a typical candidate. Hiring through HireUp therefore is not just a way to give back – it’s simply good business.