How it works

  • Find

    We find youth who face barriers to employment but have the potential and willingness to succeed.

  • Hire

    Youth apply for jobs with leading employers.

  • Support

    Youth are provided with up to six months of post-employment support to ensure their success.

  • Evolve

    Social impact on youth that are hired, employers, and society as a whole.

Why HireUp?

  • Receive Employment Support

    By utilizing HireUp, you are connected into a network of close to 100 workforce development organizations that work to ensure you are supported in achieving success in your new job.

    Connect With Leading Employers

    Canada’s leading employers recognize HireUp as a great source of talent – meaning you have meaningful in-roads with large companies recruiting all across Canada.

    Improve Your Odds on Landing A Job

    Using HireUp greatly increases your odds of success. Employers hire around 10% of HireUp applicants as opposed to less than 1% through other job sites.

  • Save Time & Resources

    HireUp has sourced large national employers who are looking to hire in large quantities across Canada. By providing hundreds of readily available jobs, you can now spend less time on cold-calling local employers and more time on providing the types of support that ensure successful employment outcomes.

    Improve Employment Outcomes

    HireUp candidates land the job 10% of the time they apply – this compares to less than 1% with regular job boards. Using HireUp can help your organization improve your rates of successful hires among the youth you support.

    Providing a Next Step

    Whether you are an employment-focused social enterprise or a youth-serving agency providing job training and support to youth, HireUp provides a vital next step in a young people’s journey towards independent work.

  • Drive Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

    HireUp supports companies in achieving diversity and inclusion targets by providing a diverse source of talent.

    Give Back & Improve Bottom Line

    Hiring young people who face barriers to employment allows your company to improve on your own bottom line while making meaningful contributions to the community. HireUp works to create meaningful employer brand experience that can speak well to your company’s social purpose.

    Access Untapped Talent

    There are more than 930,000 young people disconnected from work and school across Canada. That’s a huge labour pool for your company to tap into.

HireUp Employers

Companies who are using HireUp to employ untapped talent.

A National Support Network

HireUp works closely with a network of community-based organizations all across Canada. Check out our map to see the HireUp partners in your community.

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What is Social Impact Hiring?

Social impact hiring is the practice of hiring individuals that face one or more barriers to employment. Even though unemployment levels have decreased in recent years to a youth unemployment rate of 10.3%, economic opportunity is still out of reach for many people. In fact, the labour markets have tightened and it is harder to get an entry-level job than it has been in previous years. More than 900,000 young people in Canada are disconnected from the workforce, many of whom face severe barriers to work. One of the greatest impacts that a corporation can have on their community and society is through social impact hiring targeted towards youth. Social impact hiring is proven to have significant benefits for the youth that are hired, society and for corporations that participate.

To learn more, download our free whitepaper on social impact hiring.

Our Supporters

HireUp is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Innovative Solutions to Homelessness Partnering Strategy.

The Home Depot Canada Foundation is a founding partner of HireUp and supports our work building community partnerships across Canada.

HireUp is a proud participant in the Hubspot for Entrepreneurs program, aiding our inbound marketing efforts.

HireUp is proud to partner with LoginRadius, a leading customer identity management platform.

HireUp is a proud graduate of the MaRS SVX Pre-Flight Accelerator, an incubator for early-stage social ventures.