Effective Communication Is Fundamental At Work

Communication is a key issue in life and, clearly, at work, we recommend that you practice it. Because on a personal level it is fundamental for human relationships and of course on a work level as well, since it is where we spend most of our lives. Well, it is crucial to create solid ties not only for you to be happier in the company since you will not deny us that it is much more comforting to get up wanting to go to work and happy instead of doing it without motivation and obligation. In this way, you will only get those hours to become eternal, and you will most likely be less productive, isn’t it?

With communication we mean: foster ties between workers, say things to the face, both what you like about a person and what you don’t, not complain about everything, be empathetic, get to know the workers and the boss a lot … With this kind of qualities, a more harmonious workplace will be achieved, in which the good atmosphere and the companionship prevail. And in this way, a united work team will be established where values ​​such as help, joint work, and team conception prevail.

With an assertive communication, we will be able to be more productive and also more innovative since if there is a facility for dialogue between the staff, where no one will be judged on, we will give way to the fluidity of new ideas and more effective brainstorming.

Fitness, how about one more for your CV?

There are many definitions on the net about fitness, which one is correct? We do not know. But for us, it includes, ordinarily, the things we do well. That is the abilities/skills that each human being possesses to be able to perform certain tasks or that have allowed us to achieve certain results or for which we can be valid in certain or certain areas. Suppose we are in a job interview, for example; If we are there, it is because the person responsible for the selection of staff, after seeing our CV, considers that we have the indispensable skills to be there and to be the future employee of that company in each case. Then other very important variables also come into play, but different, which we will talk about later.

Following the theme; The skills are part of us, and although they are not tangible, they have allowed us, among other things, to have X degree, languages … We do not talk about the fact of having those “certificates …”, but that we can do certain things Correctly as a result of the skills acquired over time, teaching and practice. Because, logically, we do not possess these skills from birth.

Summarizing: the titles, recognitions … that we reflect in our CV are nothing more than the evidence of the current aptitudes that each of us has, that can increase and that for this we must work and not abandon them.