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How HireUp can help the youth you serve

HireUp is a online job portal that connects corporate employers to youth and the organizations that they are involved with.

Employers are committed to hiring youth who are either homeless, or at risk of homelessness and giving them an opportunity at meaningful employment, and we partner with organizations that provide excellent employment training and support services to help prepare youth for oppurtunities HireUp has to offer.

Become part of the HireUp community

HireUp is a fantastic resource both for the youth you serve and your organization as a whole, to help connect youth them to employment. By becoming a HireUp YSO, you’re providing your youth an additional avenue to employment with an integrated support system, along with the opportunity to connect with employers directly.

How It Works

    1. 1. A youth with with an employment barrier seeks support from their local YSO.
    1. 2. The YSO provides holistic support, which could include accommodation, case management and wraparound services to the youth.
    1. 3. Once the youth is ready, the YSO provides employment training and job-skill training.
    1. 4. Upon completion of the training, the youth is recommended to create an account on HireUp, where they can view and apply for jobs.
    Where the capacity exists, the YSO should work towards building a partnership with the employer to provide a network of support to the youth who are hired, which will improve their chance of success.

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