Our Team


Preston Aitken has a decade of experience in the social impact space and is currently the CEO of HireUp, a hiring platform that supports vulnerable youth in securing employment and moving out of poverty. In addition to his role at HireUp, Preston also runs his own social enterprise consultancy company, working with clients in Ontario, Nunavut and Nova Scotia. Prior to this, Preston served as the National Program Director for Enactus Canada, Canada’s largest university-based entrepreneurship program. In his free time, Preston serves on the advisory boards of both Enactus Canada and Venture for Canada. Preston holds a Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology from the University of Waterloo and an Honours in International Business from Memorial University of Newfoundland.


An award winning scientist and researcher, Ivana combines a rich background in computer science, math, and the behavioral science. Ivana thrives on using her unique experience to draw insights from even the most complex data. A strong proponent of data-driven decision making, Ivana has done research at leading universities in Canada and the United States, and her work has been featured in national media and top-tier scientific journals. She holds a degree in Math from the University of Waterloo, two degrees in Psychology from the University of Toronto, and a PhD in Psychology from Michigan State University. She joins HireUp as one of the lead scientists creating the assessment tools to place candidates in careers where they will excel and flourish.


Alex completed his undergraduate degree in Information Management Systems in Germany as well as a postgraduate degree in Advanced Computing Scotland. After working as a consultant for four years implementing large scale software systems for various clients he came to Canada to pursue the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program at the University of Waterloo (UW). Currently he works as a Research Associate at UW and as a Software Developer at Reportin Inc.


Ashley is the newest member of the HireUp team and is the Program Coordinator for the Alberta region. Her background and passion are rooted in social services, ranging from refugee support and emergency social services to supporting individuals that have physical and/or mental disabilities in the workplace and at home. Recognizing the deep impact employment has on vulnerable populations has led Ashley to attain a Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations (With Distinction). Through HireUp’s supportive platform, Ashley wants youth to take pride in who they are, embrace their strengths, and to realize their limitless potential in the workplace


Mridula is a recognized not-for-profit executive with a 20+ year career working on behalf of some of the top charitable organizations in the country such as University Health Network, SickKids Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Toronto, YMCA of Greater Toronto and Women’s College Hospital.  With a vast corporate and philanthropic network, she has facilitated millions of dollars in investments across various social causes such as healthcare, child welfare, and youth development.  This expertise, combined with her passion for social impact innovation, will ensure HireUp Learning  meets the training demands of employers and helps vulnerable populations secure sustainable employment.


Paul is an internationally respected authority on the social purpose of corporations and civil society organizations. Paul has helped global corporations and leading non-profit organizations to understand and profit from their social purpose. He also writes about corporate social responsibility for Forbes, was selected as one of the Globe and Mail’s Leading Thinkers and has been recognized as one of America’s Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behaviour. Paul sits on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Excellence in Responsible Business at the Schulich School of Business.


Cameron is the highly ambitious, frontline manager of the HireUp team. Everything from facilitating workshops for youth, to solving technology problems falls under his umbrella of daily activities. His experience in the non-profit sector brings ample insight to pinpointing what kind of social-oriented organizations are going to be effective, and how corporations are able to maximize their use of HireUp. As both a previous service user, and now a service provider, Cameron is both professionally and personally dedicated to helping youth with barriers to employment forge a career path.


A behavioral scientist by training, Stevie uses a deep understanding of research, data, and human behavior to turn complex findings into simple, actionable insights. Stevie has worked on a consumer insights team in the San Francisco Bay Area and did scientific research at Michigan State University. Stevie has spoken about his research in national media, and his work has been featured on CNN and NPR. His research appears in books and leading scientific journals, and he currently holds degrees from the University of Toronto and Michigan State University, where he will soon receive a PhD. He joins HireUp as one of the lead scientists creating the assessment tools to place candidates in careers where they will excel and flourish.

Our Advisory Council

Michael Braithwaite, Executive Director, 360°kids

Sherri Evans, Vice President, Human Resources, NEI Investments

Dr. Stephen Gaetz, Director of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness

Paulette Minard, Senior Manager, The Home Depot Canada Foundation

John Gross, President, Peak Products

Maureen Neglia, Vice President, Global Recruitment, Scotiabank

Andrea Ziegler, President, Workopolis