Youth Questions

1. How do I know that I am eligible to use this platform?

A: This platform has been created to serve youth (ages 16-29) who face barriers to employment. We allow you to make that assessment for yourself, but typically our youth use the services of youth serving organizations and in many cases are enrolled in or have taken a pre-employment program.

2. How does HireUp work?

A: HireUp finds employers who are looking to support and hire youth. Youth using HireUp can login and create an account, and then apply for jobs like they would with any other job board. The difference between HireUp and other job boards are that our employers have signed up and are looking to employ youth.

3. How do I log in as a youth?

A: Click the “Register” button on the main page under “Youth”, and it will link you to the job portal. Once on the job portal, either click “register” to create an account, or “sign-in” to use your existing account

How do I sign up for job alerts?

A: Sign into your account on the job portal, then click on the Search for jobs fuction. A button will appear in the corner that says “E-mail me jobs like these”. You can then set it to send jobs to your e-mail either for a specific location (e.g. Toronto, Vancouver) or a specific company (e.g. Home Depot)


Employer Questions

1. How do I log in as a employer?

A: Click on the log-in tab in the corner and enter your log-in information there. After logging in successfully, you will be re-directed to an employer page with a prominent “Job Board” button. Click on that button to be further re-directed to the job portal.

2. Am I required to hire the youth that I engage with through the HireUp platform?

A: HireUp aims to emulate the hiring process as closely as possible while removing the obstructions that would normally exist for youth with barriers to employment. As such, you are not required to hire a candidate after an interview if you feel like they won’t be a good fit.

3. Will I be required to provide additional training?

A: Although we recommend that HireUp provide additional accommodations and supports where possible no additional training or other supports should be required for the candidate.

What is a YSO? How do they fit into all of this?

A: YSO is a youth-serving organization, a partner non-profit that works to support youth in difficult situations in a variety of ways. These supports can range from employment support, physical or mental health, to many other things that may benefit the youth. Over the course of being a HireUp employer, youth-serving organizations may contact you (if applicable) to discuss some of the candidates they have, or provide additional support to youth in your employ.

5. What if the employee isn’t meeting expectations after being hired (attendance, professionalism)?

A: Like all employees, youth hired through HireUp need to perform successfully in the job they are employed in. Youth should be offered a chance to improve their performance and supervisors should be clear about their expectations, however HireUp does not require employers to keep an employee if the employee is not working out.

Youth Serving Organization (YSO) Questions

1. I work at a partner youth-serving organization, and I would like to get in contact with some of the hiring managers who use HireUp, in my area.

A: In Alberta, please contact Ashley Grobell at For the rest of Canada, please contact Cameron Voyame at We’d be more than happy to connect you to the appropriate hiring manager.

2. Are the employers on HireUp aware and educated on the barriers that youth experiencing or at-risk of homelessness face to gaining and maintaining employment face?

A: Before being signed on as HireUp employers, we educate our employers on what some of the potential barriers youth could face.

3. How often will jobs be posted onto the website?

A: HireUp is a demand driven platform, and as such job opportunities will be posted onto the platform as employees are needed by employers.

4. I know of another youth-serving organization that might be interested in partnering with HireUp, how can I put them in contact with you?

A: We are always looking at expanding our network of partner YSOs. If you know of a YSO who might be interested in a HireUp partnership, please contact Cameron Voyame at

5. I have an idea for an employer who might be interested in hiring through HireUp, how can I put them in contact with you?

A: We are always looking at adding new employers to offer more job opportunities for youth who use the HireUp platform. If you know of an employer who might be interested in using HireUp, please contact Preston Aitken at