HireUp helps employers address recruitment needs and diversity objectives in a way that also contributes to improving the communities which you operate in.

How It Works

1.An employer registers on the HireUp website for a one year membership

2. The employer posts their job openings to the HireUp website based on their hiring needs.

3. The employer then begins to receive job applications from HireUp’s youth who are within in the employer’s vicinity. Employers can choose to work collaboratively with youth serving organization to find candidates who are most suitable for a particular job’s requirements, skills and experience.

4. Hiring a youth through HireUp doesn’t require any special allowances. Once the employer has found a great candidate, the youth will have access to supports from one of our youth-serving organization, if they so choose.

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Map of HireUp Youth-Serving Organization

Although HireUp connects with youth nation-wide, you will likely have more success connecting to youth where we have youth-serving organization partners, as that is where the greatest areas of need are. Please see below for our map of YSO partners

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